Auto Electrics

We offer a wide range of electrical services at Spunky's. The majority of work comes from the kit car, classic car, track bike and custom markets. The smallest jobs can be making alterations to engine wiring looms and the largest, complete rewiring of vehicles. Very few people and or companies will offer the comprehensive wiring replacement service that we can here. If you have a car, motorcycle or any type of vehicle which is in need of a wiring loom, we can build a bespoke loom on the vehicle to meet all your needs. Always with respect to the vehicles age, look and needs as well as your budget and expectations. 

With track bikes, we strip out all of the unnecessary components that are found in a factory loom and slim it down to a much neater more manageable package. As much of the unwanted parts and wires are completely removed from the loom usually leaving just the plugs to run the engine and power the dash etc. We can also repair any areas that need work whilst carrying out the modifications.

Kit car electrical work is often very similar as some use motorcycle engines as there power unit. In these situations we can modify a bike engine loom to run in a car. It'll still be stripped of the unnecessary parts but with modifications made to the ignition switch and signal wires. This way the various signal wires and ignition switch wires can be extended to the cockpit of the car for things like, oil warning lights, neutral lights, tacho etc.

Regardless of your project, if you contact us we will do our best to help.